July 03, 2024

Dear University community,

I am pleased to announce today that the Holy See has confirmed my appointment of V. Bradley Lewis, Ph.D., as dean of The Catholic University of America’s School of Philosophy.

The approval indicated that the appointment is in conformity with Article 17 of Veritatis Gaudium (The Joy of Truth). This section of the apostolic constitution on ecclesiastical universities and faculties, issued by Pope Francis, states such an appointment is for those who are “appointed as academic authorities … who are truly knowledgeable about university life and, usually, who come from among the teachers of some Faculty.”

The School of Philosophy was formally inaugurated in 1895, six years after The Catholic University of America first opened its doors. Together with the School of Canon Law and the School of Theology and Religious Studies, the School of Philosophy is accredited by the Holy See under the Apostolic Constitution Veritatis Gaudium, and is thereby authorized to confer all three ecclesiastical degrees in philosophy: Bachelor’s in Philosophy (Ph.B.), Licentiate in Philosophy (Ph.L.), and Doctorate in Philosophy (Ph.D.).

Brad’s strong commitment to excellence in teaching and scholarship, and to the mission of The Catholic University of America, give me great confidence that his leadership of the school will benefit both its students and faculty, as well as our University writ large. I look forward to working with Brad during this next chapter of the School of Philosophy. Please join me in congratulating Professor Lewis on this achievement.


Peter Kilpatrick
The Catholic University of America