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Facade of McMahon Hall

"The way forward for Catholic University is to be an example of an institution that places its emphasis on the human person." — Dr. Peter K. Kilpatrick

Every great university has to at the same time be excellent in educating our students and at discovering new knowledge. A modern university can’t just be a teaching institution. We need to be excellent at both, and I’m thrilled by what I see at Catholic University.

Serving as president of The Catholic University of America is a dream job for me, bringing together faith and reason in service to the human person and human dignity. I look forward to working with the faculty and community to continue moving Catholic University forward as a top tier research institution that also embraces its excellence in theology and the arts.

— Dr. Peter K. Kilpatrick, president of The Catholic University of America

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"At Catholic University, we have the extraordinary task of guiding students in the search for truth and self-discovery, while preparing them to meet the collective challenges we face today and those that await us in the future. The stakes are high. We must be intentional, collaborative, and vigilant in our endeavor to succeed." — Dr. Kilpatrick

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